Columbus, Ohio 

Want to do your own Shopping and Implementation of your Interior Design Project, but don't know where to begin?  Need direction to get you started? Castellini Interior Design offers and Affordable, No-Commitment option to guide you in the direction of your Home or Office Makoever.

Shop at YOUR favorite stores...Paint a room at your leisure...Hire your own Contractor's....it's Interior Design, Your Way!


A Few Past Virtual Interior Design Projects

Raleigh, NC

Paige Castellini Interior Design

Within 48 hours, we will send an email with the Fee and a time to set-up a phone call to discuss the "Starting Plan" of your project. Once payment is confirmed, your Interior Design Project will begin!

Write a description of what you would like to focus on and come up with an approximate budget (don't worry if you can't, not budget is too big or too small).

Once your email, with all your information is received, a confirmation email will be sent.

Take 4-6 pictures of the room you would like to Makeover.  You might also want to include some photo's of your favorite items.





*   Stand in each corner of the room you are photographing and then in a hallway, looking in.

*   Make sure your lighting is good so that we can see what we are working with.

*   Please make sure to include your name and email with photo submission for your design project.

Interior Design for ANY Budget

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